“Leading Alabama Forward”

Seeking to lead Alabama forward as a servant-leader, Dr. Boyd is working hard everyday to:

  • grow the middle class and end poverty,
  • build coalitions between educators, friends of labor and business leaders, and
  • ensure that all Alabamians have access to affordable healthcare.

Please find more of Will’s goals, policies and views below.

Jobs and the Economy
  • Stimulate economic development with the creation of more private sector jobs
  • Offer incentives to small businesses looking to compete internationally
  • Support community development organizations that create jobs in areas where economic development is nonexistent
  • Support the consumer’s “Credit Bill of Rights”
  • Support “Marketplace Fairness Act”
  • Oppose any effort to exclude more workers from the protections of the 40-hour workweek or to deny workers the absolute right to overtime pay
  • Oppose efforts to avoid paying cash overtime for work in excess of forty hours per week or to exclude certain forms of compensation from the calculation of overtime pay
  • Oppose any legislation which seeks to weaken or repeal the Davis-Bacon Act
  • Oppose any legislation that would weaken or repeal the issuance of wages under the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act of 1965
  • Oppose any further regulatory or legislative efforts which seek to limit the circumstances under which an employee, male or female, is able to take unpaid leave under The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
  • Support expansion of the FMLA to cover workers in companies with fewer than fifty employees so long as the employees are able to retain their medical/dental benefits by contributing the same amount toward the medical/dental benefits paid before the leave began with exceptions agreed upon by the employer and employee at time of hire
  • Support the rights of workers promised sick leave as well as those promised paid time off
  • Fight abusive international child labor and promote the enforcement of internationally recognized workers’ rights
  • Oppose legislation of further rounds of World Trade Organization (WTO) which seek to weaken U.S. trade laws, alter our commitments with respect to immigration policies, or fail to make substantial progress incorporating internationally recognized workers’ rights
Occupational Safety and Health 
  • Support efforts to extend plans under The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) to provide coverage to millions of public workers in government, municipal, and education sectors
  • Support legislation to strengthen whistleblower protections for workers who raise job concerns
  • Support stricter violations for negligence on the part of employers as it relates to employee safety and machine safeguarding
  • Support new OSHA ergonomic standards which protect workers from musculoskeletal disorders
Retirement, Pensions and Social Security
  • Oppose any efforts to increase the retirement age
  • Support legislation which allows retirement anytime between 62 and full retirement age with early benefits reduced each month before full retirement age as outlined by the Social Security Administration
  • Oppose measures which seek to reduce Social Security’ guaranteed defined benefits.  (I believe benefits should be received based on the current pre-determined formula.)
  • Oppose privatization of Social Security
  • Ensure that defined benefits continue to be governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 which protects the rights of employment benefit plan recipients and their beneficiaries
  • Support measures to curb corporate abuse of the bankruptcy process so that workers have a claim in bankruptcy court for lost pensions such as unpaid wages
  • Support measures to ensure employer responsibility in providing workers with a secure retirement
  • Support measures to protect the retirement savings of workers who participate in 401(k) by reducing “big fees” paid out while also working to support measures which allow withdrawals from retirement funds with lesser penalties
  • Support measures to protect Social Security’s guaranteed benefits but also help promote individual investment accounts as there is growing concern that such guaranteed benefits will not be available for all in the future as there are (or will be) more in retirement than in the workforce paying into Social Security
  • Support protection of the retirement savings of workers who participate in 401(k)s and encourage independent investment advice and equal worker representation on 401(k) boards as independent investment advisors or certified financial planners outside the company may provide ways to make retirement savings such as 401(K)s “work harder” or provide greater return for the worker.

Health Care

  • Support and introduce legislation that helps fill the healthcare/Medicaid coverage gap that exists for women in Alabama
  • Support a health care program affordable to all
  • Work to lower prescription drug costs in the United States
  • Improve and protect Medicare and Medicaid
  • Promote medical malpractice reform
  • Support establishment of minimum nurse staffing ratios and prohibit “mandated overtime” in order to ensure safe patient care
  • Work to address “mandated overtime” legislation similar to the Hospital Licensing Act for airline pilots, bus drivers and train conductors—ultimately ensuring safety of those traveling by air, road and rail
  • Work with the Offices of the Secretary of Health and Human Services to use the bargaining power of 40 million Medicare beneficiaries to negotiate better drug prices while also providing beneficiaries with an option to obtain drug coverage directly from Medicare rather than a private plan
  • Support repeal of the 45 percent “trigger” which creates a fund warning and ultimately requires that cuts be made to Medicare as well as unfairly place the burden of Medicare on working people in lower income brackets
  • Repeal the income test for Medicare Part B premiums as such income testing undermines the principal of social security as seniors have already paid into Medicare based on their payroll taxes and should not be subjected to increasing premiums
  • Protect Social Security’s guaranteed benefits while also promoting individual investment accounts
  • Oppose privatization of Social Security (I believe benefits should continue to be governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 which protects the rights of employment benefit plan recipients and their beneficiaries.)

Protecting the poor

  • Partner with for-profit and non-profit organizations which seek to provide opportunities to improve student success and increase job acquisition following secondary and post-secondary education
  • Work with members of congress to increase the federal minimum wage to $18 by 2018 and $20 by 2020 as there should be no reason why Alabama working families should have to live in poverty
  • Ensure that all have access to affordable healthcare and decent public education.
  • Create jobs for disadvantaged youth by investing in a youth jobs program aimed at first generation college students.
Trade Reform
  • Support efforts to strengthen trade law enforcement
  • Oppose legislation which implements bilateral, regional or unilateral free trade agreements with nations who refuse to adopt internationally recognized workers’ rights and environmental standards
  • Oppose TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)
  • Support legislation like The Currency Reform For Trade Act of 2009, which seeks to ensure that the exchange rate of any exporting nations is not misaligned against the U.S. dollar, preventing dumping or subjecting the country to antidumping duty provisions
  • Close the gender wage gap for women
  • Work to ensure that politics don’t interfere with efforts to promote equal rights for all
  • Support the Equality Act, which would add LGBTQIA to the Civil Rights Act of 1965 as a protected class
  • Unify the district, championing discussions on “race relations,” diversity, and equality.
The Rights of Women
  • Combat income inequality, working to ensure that women are truly paid the same wages for the same work
  • Champion the rights of women—especially those who are victims of crimes which include abuse, bullying, domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault
  • Secure funding for organizations that provide healthcare for women even as Republicans seek to defund them and misinform citizens about their missions and organizing activities.
  • Work to close the widening gap between cost of living and cost of education
  • Work to ensure that public schools have the resources needed to better prepare students for the changing economy
  • Ensure that public dollars are not used to support private schools that target only the elite
  • Work to ensure that teachers are better compensated and have secure retirement plans
  • Protect funds for pre-college programs, Tech-prep and Perkins Loans
  • Protect National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities
  • Protect research funding
  • Support legislation that provides psychological counseling to students who willfully disrupt the learning experience or purposefully do not engage in the classroom
  • Support efforts to connect college students to the right people and resources within their community to improve the chances of job acquisition
  • Support and introduce legislation that closes the widening gap between cost of living and cost of education as college tuition and fees have risen nearly three times as fast as median family income
Energy & the Environment
  • End US dependence on foreign oil
  • End importing of oil from corrupt countries
  • Support creation of “green” jobs
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Invest more money in renewable energy
Amendment II and Gun Control
  • Support “Second Amendment Right;” but, support the efforts of elected sheriffs to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous, non-law abiding people.
Crime and Punishment
  • Seek equal sentences for equal justice while ultimately combating recidivism
  • Seek to end discrepancies between minimum sentences for illegal substances (crack, powder cocaine)
  • Seek to prevent crime rather than trying to suppress it
Immigration & Homeland Security
  • Support a realistic “path to citizenship” plan for undocumented immigrants living and working peaceably in the country
  • Support efforts to deter and capture “home grown terrorists”
  • Believe border security should be improved (without erection of walls)
  • Support establishment of groups like The 911 Commission which sought to determine while our country was rendered vulnerable and 2001, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that such crises are not repeated
  • Support improved communication between the Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement agencies.
Ethics Reform
  • Support social audits of government agencies for the purpose of combating unethical practices
  • Support legislation that ensures organizations are socially-conscious of the concerns of stockholders and stakeholders
  • Encourage government offices and government agencies to benchmark their ethics and behavior to those of world-class providers of goods and services
Traffic Safety & Truck Drivers
  • Support more highway patrols in the State of Alabama as there are only approximately 250 across the state
  • Support efforts to ensure that all truckers are treated with dignity and respect as they move our goods all across our state
  • Support efforts to ensure that truckers receive better compensation for the hours spent on the road